Roll20 is an online virtual tabletop run in your browser. It enables you to connect with other players by a video/audio link and show them maps you've uploaded, move tokens on battlemaps and most importantly roll dice. It is suitable for most table top roll playing and the basic model is free. Available from within the software are various packs of scenarios for different RPGs including Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons. See my review (upcoming) for more info.

Currently we are playing 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu once a week through Roll20 and also using it for one offs.

On this page are our game blogs.

My Dead Friend 

Hazel Ryder did not arrive home on time from attending the God's Lost Children concert at the Veteran's Memorial Arena, centre Jacksonville Fl. When her sister, Flo, arrived home she was shocked to discover her absence and have a call from the police department on her answerphone. Rushing down to the station she discovered that Mary-Jo Kinsky, one of Hazel's friends who had gone to the gig with Hazel and Lauren James, was missing. She was saddened to find the next day that Lauren was murdered.

Meanwhile a few streets down in the suburb of Fairfax, Patty, the young, headstrong, directionless cousin of Sage Walker was being roused off the sofa to tidy up after leaving a mess last night. Patty had also attended the GLC concert and was disturbed to find that she was aware of who Kinsky was, she knew her slightly through Hazel who she hung around the local record stores and skated with.

Demanding that Sage take her to Hazel's house they found that she had to go to the police station to account for her movements. Sage and Patty accompanied Hazel and Flo. Outside they met two journalists, Emmett and Amanda who were writing a story on GLC. They had spoken to Flo last night and were keen to get some more information.

Detective Garrett Brown interviewed the young girl and spoke about the out of character behaviour of the alleged murderers. They had become catatonic last night and were being shipped to Greenwood mental asylum where they would probably never face trial.

Flo using her influence with Dr Derek Bray gained access to the morgue where her and Patty discovered the disturbing facts surrounding the murder. Multiple stab wounds, mutilations, broken bones and strange paintings. Further evidence they found about spray paint and CCTV definitely placed the accused in the hot seat.

At the library Sage, Emmett and Amanda set to finding out all they could about the parties involved. They dug up some interesting information on Brian Lochnar, lead singer of God's Lost Children including his interest in ancient Mayan texts and the similarity between the painting of Mary Jo's body and his guitar pattern. Violence and protest at GLC gigs seemed to be the run of the day. However sometimes conservative press can print bias news and the band have been quick to condemn the incident and offered all the help they can to the victim's family. The music press have been quick to defend the band on social media playing down their satanic image as just that, showmanship and publicity. Patty, despite one of her acquaintances being murdered also thinks the band are cool and realises that sometimes fans can go too far. For example

The band are probably staying at the Hilton. Ticket touts are outside the venue in force, the sold out gig and the extra publicity has pushed individual tickets up to $700 from the unscrupulous vendors.

The Yellow King

The GLC concert was sold out months ago, the only people who had the tickets were the scalpers, $700, and they were accepting nothing less. Luckily for Patty there was enough stoners around who had let their guard down. Bumping into one she quickly removed the ticket from his rear pocket and disappeared into the crowd.

Arranging to meet her later the other investigators went to the Hilton to try and gain access to the band's rooms. Posing as an emergency medical team just made the security suspicious and they were finally ushered off the site by security guards after bypassing the rear gate lock. They supposed the guard must have seen them on CCTV.

Since their first approach failed, Emmett decided to book a hotel room and discovered that VIP suites had a special access card. He book a hotel room for the following night.

During the gig Patty was enthralled again by the music and noticed the chanting even more. She realised the pattern on Lochnar's guitar was pretty much the same as the one drawn on Kinsky's body. After meeting the others and then skating around the local parks she returned home to listen to "Good Times, Bad Times" a song that was on the special edition of the CD release of Unspeakable. This was the song with the chanting, but unfortunately could not decipher any clues from the song.

The next day the investigators drove to Greenwood Asylum in the nearby suburb of The Cape in Flo's car. They spoke to Dr Neil Sinclair who let them speak to the alleged murderers. The first one lunged at Flo and Dennis when the Good Times Bad Times song was played and shouting out "H..not to be named, thirsts for release, he shall not be denied."

The second, Michael appeared comatose but blurted out "He who shall not be named... hungers for his freedom. 

Listening to the track on the way home Dennis and Flo pick out instances in the lyrics where the band mention "The sign of the V, the yellow king, obelisk, and monolith." A library search revealed a book by Robert W Chambers printed in 1895 called "The King in Yellow", a poem and references to the Turner Codex.


Meanwhile at the hotel Emmett and Patty blagged their way into the band press conference and listened to the band honestly stating how sorry they were at the death of Ms Kinsky. Afterwards it was discovered that the band were staying on the 22nd Floor of the Jacksonville Hilton. 

Thursday Night's Alright (For Fighting)

After a long day visiting the asylum the investigators sat in their VIP hotel suite discussing options. Bored of inaction Patty decided to go and see if she could find out any information about the two killers, Tappan Jr and Powell. Skating over to their Morningside Heights suburb nothing was apparent but instagram posts led her to the Jacksonville University bar. 

The doorman was unimpressed with her fake ID but gave her information about the Killers' use of hallucinogenic drugs. He destroyed her ID. Angry but persistent Patty made her way over to the Seven Hells Bar where the band's bodyguards were rumoured to hang out. It was quiet early on but she managed to get the name Lester the Molester out of the barman.

At the hotel Emmett watched the band and bouncers leave for their gig. Dennis and Sage stealthily rode to the 22nd floor and realised that the four bikers remaining where engrossed in a sports game. Calling Emmett up they shorted the electrical lock on one door but managed to open the right one.

The room was a mess, clothes, beer bottles and drug paraphernalia were strewn about. In the drawers they found paperwork detailing the purchase of a farm in Georgia, about 100 miles away, a map of America with the same pattern as the back of GLC's second album and tour dates with meditation dates added. Checking Metal Hammer revealed that Lochnar likes to ride out of town with a group of his close friends and spend time away from it all every so often on the road. In one drawer was a bag of white powder, Sage took a sample. On the table in the center of the room was a leather bound book, about 1' long by 8" wide. The tome was entitled "The Turner Codex - A Translation of Ancient Mayan Hieroglyphs." Sage took it.

Returning to the hotel room a few of the investigators tried to catch some sleep while Sage studied the old book. Around 12:30 Patty got a message from Lester and went with Richard to the Seven Hells bar. Lester, a huge bald fat biker,  bought a drink for Patty as she and Richard sat with him and the extremely, large, ugly Donut, another member of the Satan's Sadists, GLC's bodyguards.

Once Patty had taken the drink she realised she had made a mistake as her senses started to blur. Richard was escorted out by Donut and when he resisted he was beaten and thrown into the street, unconscious

Just has Richard was hitting the asphalt Amanda arrived and bundled him into the car. She entered the bar after calling Emmett, Flo and Dennis to come. She caught Donut and Lester escorting Patty out of the back door. The bikers told Amanda to leave when she tried to convince them that she was Patty's mother and Donut smashed Amanda's phone. 

Just then Emmett, Flo and Dennis arrived. Emmett showed foresight before he went in and alerted the police to a potential incident. On entry he picked up a pool cue and was whirling it around like a dervish, failing to hit anything, Donut wasn't though and a couple of hard thumps to the head put Mr Lewis on the deck. This didn't satisfy Donut who went after Amanda, landing a couple of blows. Dennis was flinging beer bottles like it was going out of fashion but they were just giving the big boys a shower as the bottles smashed on the walls. Lester and and another biker closed in and Dennis was feeling the wrath of an angry Satan as the two rained in the punches and kicks.

Meanwhile Flo was set upon by Carrie who grabbed her and started to push her out, with deft movement Flo tripped Carrie and ran out the door. It was looking grim for the investigators until the door guy flew in from outside yelling "COPS!"

The bikers quickly disappeared through the rear exit leaving a beer soaked Patty to slide down the wall and into unconsciousness. Paramedics appeared and seen to the wounded, reviving Emmett and taking Patty to the hospital. The barman pointed out the trouble makers and Emmett, Dennis and Amanda were arrested and taken to the station.

Over at the hotel Sage had a breakthrough with the book and found some vital information after skimming it. She realised that there was a few spells in there and learnt one that could call some creature from the void.

As the investigators wake, groggily,  on 17th February 2012, they realise that tonight is the last GLC concert before Lochnar leaves on his meditation.


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