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Call of Cthulhu Adventure 1 Done!

I have just uploaded the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition adventure Manoeuvres on the Moor. It is a one off with six pre-generated characters. The investigators are a Territorial Army Group that get lost in the fog on Dartmoor and find some weird things going on. It hasn't been play tested yet but when it is the adventure will be updated. This was an idea that flashed in my head.

Since coming back to role playing I have a few ideas that bounce around in my head and I bought a scrap book to jot them down and plot them out. The inside image is D&D 5th edition adventure notes. I've also written this adventure and our group will play it soon on Roll20. I have created the maps using Dungeon Painter Studio and used Roll20 to place dynamic lighting on it. I will publish this adventure on my page after play testing. I will also try and find out how to make my Roll20 map available.

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