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Nostalgia Buys

The last few things I've bought online through DriveThruRPG have been truly for their nostalgia value, the games I enjoyed back in the day. I look at them and tell myself I don't need them, I go back to the site, "no, not today," " it's only $14, OK then." A few of the purchases have been like that lately, and not for $14.

Twilight 2000: This a the sort of game we loved when we were teens. Living in the UK in the 1980's those pesky Russians were causing all the problems and we were about to be sent to oblivion in some nuclear holocaust. Twilight 2000 was great, lawless mayhem with heavy weapons. We played endlessly fighting those commies, driving in and blowing up tanks. One of our players was just happy enough to know he was driving the vehicle, which was preferable to having in the back as he once tossed a grenade out of the back of a reversing truck. It ran over it, it blew up.

I kept looking at the complete bundle on DriveThruRPG and of course in the end I bought it. Now, however, I play with a group of great people, majority Australians and most of them weren't alive in the '80's. How I am supposed to bridge the Cold War and getting out of Poland concept to them? However, I have plan. I also play computer games and love Fallout 3. What if there were vaults in Australia? What if the players came out of a broken down vault to find new parts? What if I made up statistics for Fallout 3 creatures in Twilight 2000? I know there's a Fallout RPG, but I already have some rules for many different weapons, for radiation damage and a lot of other post nuclear stuff in Twilight. This is my current project.

Star Frontiers: This was a drunken purchase. I was reading a discussion on Twitter about how much fun it was. I remember a friend having it when we were in our golden age but we never got around to playing it. I've had a sci-fi adventure in my head since I had Space Master and never played it. I thought I could write it, finally, for Star Frontiers. So now I have the PDF and I am awaiting the POD hardback.

TORG and TORG Eternity: My final purchase, so far, in the nostalgia game. We played TORG and I remembered how much fun it was. I didn't remember much about the system but I remembered the concept. I bought the original in the July sales after listening to a review of the 90's on What Would the Smart Party Do? podcast. I was then talking to someone on Twitter about the Eternity remake which I also picked up. I am currently rereading the rules now but looking at the Eternity version. Hopefully when I get my hands on a Drama Deck it will be coming to a nearby table top.

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