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Slackness or Too Busy?

I was checking my bank account the other day and I noticed a payment to Wix, my website host. It's been a while I thought. Looking at the site I realised that I'd just spent a pile of money on something I wasn't using. It's crunch time I decided, either I do something with this site or there will be no more renewals. So here goes.

My last post is almost a year ago and it's been an interesting year. External influences have really changed what we do over the last six months but my life seems to have gone on mostly unchanged. We stopped our Tuesday night RPG meets and after one meet our new D&D Sunday session switched to online but not much else.

October 2019

I attended PAXAUS this month in Melbourne. I met up with an old school friend Wayne and we spent the Friday playing StarFinder with the Pathfinder Society. It was a great introduction to the game and another friend John owns it but has yet to bring it to the table.

I got a great discount on Masks of Nyarlathotep, the behemoth 2 book + 1 screen global campaign by Chaosium for Call of Cthulhu. We've just started playing online but more about that to come.

On Saturday and Sunday I was honoured to be a Keeper of Arcane Lore for Chaosium running an introductory scenario for all comers to Call of Cthulhu. It was my first time refereeing at a convention and it was a great experience.

Unfortunately PAXAUS has been cancelled in 2020 but I hope to go back in 2021.

November '19 to February '20

The months passed and we had two groups going. A Tuesday night tabletop game where we played D&D 5e, Legends of the 5 Rings and Call of Cthulhu. Our Thursday night Roll20 group mostly tackled the mythos in Call of Cthulhu but Wayne brought GURPS to the virtual table with Tales of the Solar Patrol. Solar Patrol is a pulp space supplement which bases itself on Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. The game is paused at the moment as Wayne writes the next section about the swamps of Venus.

After a planned Sunday game fell through we decided to start our own up. We advertised through Facebook on the South East Queensland D&D group and found a group that wanted to play. Most were relatively new so D&D 5e was the game we decided to start with. I bought Tomb of Annihilation for Christmas and I was finding it a real slog to work through, I wanted an old classic module, something easy to read and prepare. I decided to take this group into The Temple of Elemental Evil, a 5E conversion.

The game lasted one session around the tabletop before COVID-19 sent us virtual. We are currently back at the table and the game is going well. I will write a review on another page.

As I like to play a lot of investigative games I got the idea of a police game, where the players play CID. I watch a lot of Lewis and other crime dramas. The more I looked at it though I thought the difficulty of police procedure would stifle the game, it would be more like a murder mystery dinner party than TTRPG. The idea never left and it developed into "What if it was more like the '70s policing we see on TV. The Sweeney, Starsky and Hutch or even Life on Mars?" With this in mind I purchased the Sweeney DVD boxed set. The idea is still firmly in my head but I need to decide on a system. The main focus will be Flying Squad. At first I thought of the Gumshoe system as in Night's Black Agents. I am still familiarising myself with that. I thought of the Year Zero engine, but maybe a bit too simplistic. The favourite at the moment is BRP, which Call of Cthulhu is based on. I beloeve this will give me the depth of skills I need. The game is still on the mental drawing board at the moment but I hope I can make it work.

March '20 to May '20

Our play went completely to Roll20. The Sunday group continued through Hommlet and the Temple and it was mostly Cthulhu online. We did play the second scenario of my other D&D campaign. This adventure was based on the Sahuagain Heel, an adventure that appeared in White Dwarf. Some of the Sunday group joined the Thursday group and some of the Thursday group faded away.

Using guile I introduced the D&D players to Call of Cthulhu on a Thursday and they are loving it. We completed a couple of adventures from the Doors to Darkness book and have just started Masks of Nyarlathotep.

Unfortunately the Chaosium Con Down Under was cancelled, something I had been looking forward to for a year, again, hopefully next year.

In April I played Alien and ran a Call of Cthulhu adventure I'd written myself in Virtual Grogmeet. It was done over Roll20 with people in the UK. They were enjoying an evening beer while I was sitting here at 5am waiting for breakfast.

May '20 to Present

The Tuesday night tabletop group reconvened and we started with Tales from the Loop. Swedish youngsters investigating strange goings-on in an 80's that never was. It played really well and I loved the simple system. We then went back to D&D to start a Waterdeep campaign, I play Grimble Grumble, a Gnome ranger.

Sundays have just started back and we have new players after a couple of non starters. The group have nearly explored all the first level of the Temple. Most characters are now 4th level.

John is preparing Pendragon for online play after the Peru chapter of Masks is complete.

My wife and I had a great holiday on the Sunshine Coast where I was able to catch up with my reading of Convicts and Cthulhu, TORG Eternity and another look at Mutant: Year 0.

The D&D group I run at school has started back up where the characters run into attack like a horde of barbarians, no matter what class they are playing. We just had our second TPK.

I backed Vaesen, a Nordic horror game on Kickstarter. It's arrived and looks great. I've had an idea for a game using similar mechanics as the Fria Ligen game. It's a spread out on a double page of my Ideas Book at the moment, ready to go.

That's where I'm at. The idea of writing this mental outpour was to get my thought's straight. I've now got ideas of where I want this site to go.



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